Favorite Menu-I

before i begin, i want to thank you all for your lovely e-mails and comments! as always, i wish i could write you some comments, but whenever i press send, my computer has an attack, opens up 1000 webpages and then restarts...
i am so lucky technology loves me. (sarcasm!)

there is one thing that i love to do *more* of when i am on vacation rather than when i am at home.
and that activity is eating.
the culinary arts from all around the world fascinate me like you would have no idea.
it's a wonder how my niece became a chef instead of me- since i have all this "free" time on my hands.
really- in the last ten years i would say that my cooking has improved in leaps and bounds...
so when i have the chance to enjoy different tasty treats when i am away,
i always like to bring some ideas back home.
thus, photography (which is in my blood) comes back into play!
the mornings of our last vacation a few weeks back started with, what else?
lunch started with a bunch of appetizers! shown below is eggplant dip, and olive spread...
and a vietnamese vegetable roll. yummmmmy.
the calamari that we had ordered was beyond a tasty treat. it was out of this world!
and i am not ashamed to admit it- but everyday i would have either a lemon or a raspberry sherbert. you would, too. trust me.
what has been a staple on *your* vacation menus?

let me know!


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