my llama mama's were right

llama's are cute. i love llamas.

this past week i have been MIA for i've been dealing with the same issue. a massive issue.

my llama mama's...the Mom's in my life have been telling me the same thing. All the Mom's.

yes, yes. I open my mouth when I shouldn't when I should just let it go.

When i do try to move on and let this situation, this person go? It finds it's way back to try to make me feel guilty...about what? I have no idea.

All I asked? Please respect my privacy and stop talk to people about what me and my family do, have, etc.

This person, who I had considered family, goes behind my back. Spreads rumors. Betrays me.

Somehow, this makes me mentally unstable.

Maybe I am, for never putting this person in her place sooner. Which i thought I had.

Maybe I am mentally unstable, for believing this person was a friend.

I don't like to say something repeatedly and have someone not listen. NOT respect it.

If I pasted what me...and another friend went through, who shouldn't even have been involved to begin with!!...i am sure your hairs would curl.

that's all the venting i have to do right now.
back to gardening, writing and things to calm me down.

as always, thank you for following :)
thank you for reading!

thank you for being there!
and the loads of advice you have all sent over! it's much appreciated!

happy friday :)


  1. ? What does this mean?
    And who are your mammas llamas? :)

  2. I think i can't get this right. Anyways, how was your holy week?

    The Brown Mestizo


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