a million things

there are obviously amillion things the universe is throwing at me because I have absolutely no time to myself! no time to blog, especially next week :(
no time to yoga...shall ask eatsgrass if she wants to go to a class with me! or me with her...

the great thing is, since my whole ex-friend debacle- i have found so much more time to see MY *actual* friends! people who i haven't seen in a long while, people who i wasn't able to see because of said friend...
and i'm HAPPY. albeit exhausted, but happy.

thank the heavens.

i have been writing my books, looking for summer courses for july-september, and keeping in touch with the world, so to speak.
i have spent more time with family...and cooking!

i miss ghosting around blogs. namely:

Suburban Yogini
Coffee and Paint Drips

best. blogs. ever. hands down.

so love to you all on this beautiful monday morning.
hope you do everything you set out to do this week!!

more soon!


  1. Thanks love.
    You'll find the time eventually to do all the things you love. Going to yoga tonight. Are you interested in joining me? 7pm. If you want to go call me and I'll give you the details!

  2. Totally agree! My ex-friend sucked the life right outta me! Good for you! xoxo


heart to hearts...