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about a week and a half ago..
i cleaned out the house of unnecessary objects.
i do this every so often, and find
that the experience is quite rewarding :)

i feel as if the whole atmosphere of our home
changes, becomes lighter,
as i purge.

there could be another reason for this purging.
hoarders, anyone?
the television show freaks me out...
and that fear makes me clean.
i know a hoarder...but so-called hoarder
will never admit
that she has a problem.
i posted about this way back in the fall, i think.

but i digress...this is what i cleaned out...
i moved all my cd's...since my car radio doesn't work...(great, i know) to...well, away...
that's them in that huge curves bag.

that was everything i got rid of!! unbelievable...and my house is *really* organized, so it shocked me.

see how beautiful the organization looks? awwww...

that huge empty space there is where that purple box used to be...don't mind my shoe-mess.
i mean to get a shoe stand for that area :) so exciting...

ok, do you see that? this closet is hugeeee- lengthwise. i need a shelf where
that red travel bag and box is sitting so i can store things more efficiently. any ideas as to how?

point of the story is...
cleaning is good!
it makes you feel good...
and then you know where everything is!
so if you're stuck indoors today...
rent some movies, read some magazines..and
find the mojo
to get organized!!

your crazy mg

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  1. I'd love to have cleaning mojo!! That would be most excellent! However I need to do a major purge. I want to completely simplify. Get rid of 75% of the clothing I have (because I don't wear it) and then same thing with shoes. If it hasn't been worn/used in 6 months (with the exception of seasonal items like bathing suits...) It's cut from the team. Fired. Outta there! You know? So hopefully your inspiring words will help me make this happen.
    Alas it won't be this week, as I'm going to be traveling for work, but soon!

    Great post!


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