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A new keepsake box I am working on is what you'll be seeing photos of below.
It is a work in progress...I can take the criticism if you want to tell me to add anything to it...
don't keep your comments to yourself- your comments are what keep me going!
(and sorry about the glare, grrrrr...oh! and the other keepsake box is being used as a misc. photo holder :) look through my october 2009 posts for details on it)
^top so far
^bottom of box
^eh, side view. sorry it's crappy
^the other side (not done yet)

^yes, the box has ADD, ok? I figured hot pink paint can seal it all together?


ps- what are you doing this weekend?


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  1. Great keepsake box, what a sweet idea!Just thought I would let you know about my Topshop scarf giveaway over on My Passport to Style! Sharon xx


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