(above photo of Vosges Chocolates!)
Last year, I apparently ripped out an article from Domino Mag (aw, I miss that magazine) about entertaining. Note: I have entertained MANY times in the past, but alas have had no time to as of late. It's going to take a while to hold the kind of soiree we know we can have....but all good things come to those who wait :)

The article asked entertaining tips of Rita Konig and Allison Sarofim.
-Rita is the author of "Domestic Bliss", which is awesome and you must pick it up, or at least glance at it at the bookstore. (You may wind up buying it, trust me!)
-Allison is a socialite who has tried her hand at everything, including: writing, restaurateuring, acting, and art collecting.

Great ideas for party throwing?

Rita's ideas:
  • Buy vintage postcards on ebay and mail them out two weeks in advance, for a fancy holiday party.
  • Best tip of the whole article: Hire a bartender! "You can enjoy the night, rather than spend it fixing cocktails." She serves one distinctive drink, like a rye Manhattan. Konig says, "Whisey is wonderfully wintery!" (If she needs more, she runs to the wine store for prosecco.)
  • Her motto: "Do one thing, but do it beautifully."
What made me smile is that she rings New York's Tea and Sympathy to request that the food they will be making to be cooked in her own ramekins. So cute...

Allison's ideas:
  • Invitations: She uses handwritten cards from calligrapher Margaret Neiman Harber, who uses penmanship styles that date to the 18th century (I need to look into taking classes for this!)
  • Dinner seems laid back, and Allison also calls for one signature drink at the soiree...but dessert?
  • Ah, dessert! ...flat out extravagant, the article says. "an antique English buffet laid with dainty pastel macaroons, rich Vosges chocolates (shop at 1100 Madison Avenue, New York. I passed by it yesterday but sadly, did not have a chance to go inside! Boo..), irresistible caramel popcorn balls- and vanilla milk shakes garnished with peppermint straws."

Hope you get to use these tips some time this year <3 (and I hope I will, too!)



  1. Vosges is amazing. I stop in whenever I go to the Met. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
    We should plan an outing there again (we went once before- so fun!)and stop there.


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