days like this = i love coffee

I know, I didn't blog yesterday. I'll totally tell you why. I have so much to say today. For example, men. What's their problem? What do they do, just roll out of bed and figure- hmmmm, today I'll be a douche!
Yeah, I think that's what it is.
Yesterday morning, all was well. Everything was fine. Throughout the day, fine.
He comes home. With a haircut.
Very cute when he cuts his hair, I must say but...

Me:: "OMG, LML. Didn't I tell you not to go back to that guy to cut your hair?"

Him:: "Do you like it?"

Please note: VERY IMPORTANT! I don't usually say anything unless you're really looking like an asshole on whatever given day. I will point out that thing in your teeth, your booger dangling out of your nose, your hair sticking up and your eye crusty...I *will* point it out. When I point out something, I am *not* talking out of my ass and expect people to do the same for me. Which is why I made this comment.
Me::"You're very cute but i don't like the way he cuts your hair. It's like he's pulling down three strands from the back of your head and chopping it off. Why doesn't he buzz it, or cut it evenly?"

Him:: "Ok, don't worry about it."

Me:: "But I TOLD you..."

Him:: "I'm going BALD, ok?!"

Me:: "You're GOING to go bald if that guy keeps cutting your hair!"

Him:: "No, I am bald!"

Me:: "*I* would do a better job cutting your hair, and I've never cut anyone's hair!"

Him:: "Bald!"

You get the picture?
Meanwhile, my chicken and potatoes get *rave*reviews from him...until the next conversation...about a friend's birthday which went pretty much the same way. All night long. Hopefully, the spell broke this morning!

Because all night, he had his boxers in a bunch when I was trying to bother him throughout the Olympics.

Which seriously piss me off by the way. When I was younger, I LOVED the Olympics. Now they have people talking every two minutes instead of showing me the events. JUST SHOW THE EVENTS!

I don't care what you think about how they maneuvered that trick. I don't care that you're an announcer on another channel. I am not watching the Olympics to see you and have you get paid, I want to see the people play in the EVENTS.

You'd think that the Greeks did this at the first Olympics? Yeah, to each other when they were watching it with a group of friends. Not out loud so everyone could hear. Buggers...



  1. Men *rollseyes*

    I left you a Sunshine Award over on my blog


  2. The Olyimpics ARE so CHATTY!! What the heck??! :/

    Men are moody, as are women. Ah, the human condition.


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