NYE Menu

Did we mention we picked our party venue because we are in love with their food? Or their chef...

Our last meal of 2009 included:

A yummy salad with shrimp. Now, I eat a lot of shrimp throughout the year. I promise you that I have not had shrimp like this since I have left Kalamata, Greece! Yum...

Pasta and Mushrooms in a lasagna form? I should have saved the menu to get the exact name of this. LML hates mushrooms. I feel the need to tell you that he devoured this mostly-mushroom dish, and half of mine, too :)

To cleanse our palette's...

The piece de resistance, strawberry glazed filet mignon and lobster tail with veggies. YUMMY!
Here's another view, or 2 :

Above, our cappuccino which heralded dessert.

Dessert! Complete with heavenly hazelnut ice cream!

I hope you indulged yourselves in yumminess on the last day of 09 :)

Love, MG

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