My Fave Book: Shopaholic & Sister

By far, the Shopaholic series is my favorite. The most memorable part of any of the books comes from the fourth book in the series: Shopaholic and Sister. It goes as follows:

:::::::::"You know, I could really live in Sri Lanka," I say with a sigh. "It's perfect. The weather...the scenery... all the people are so friendly..."

"You said the same in India," Luke points out. "And in Australia," he adds as I open my mouth. "And in Amsterdam."

God. Amsterdam. I'd completely forgotten we went there. That was after Paris. Or was it before?
Oh, yes. That's where I ate all those weird cakes and almost fell into the canal.

I take another sip of my juice and let my mind range over the last 10 months. We've visited so many countries, it's kind of difficult to remember everything all at once. It's almost like a blur of film, with sharp, bright images here and there. Snorkeling with all those blue fish in the Great Barrier Reef...the pyramids in Egypt. . . the elephant safari in Tanzania. . . buying all that silk in Hong Kong. . . the gold souk in Morrocco. . . finding that amazing Ralph Lauren outlet in Utah. . .
God, we've had some experiences. I sigh happily and take another sip of juice.:::::::::::::::::

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