Happy Birthday to my Niece

When I was away in Guatemala, my niece turned 20. TWENTY. This I cannot believe. In honor of her turning 20, I would like to mention 20 Memories I have with her.

1. Her at one, throwing food at me and eatsgrass
2. Her baptism in Greece, and my Grandfather bouncing her around
3. Her using a toy baby bottle as a water gun, and squirting my then-future husband in the eye during a billiard tournament, when she was 3.
4. Her trying to sit next to LML during a movie, and me pushing her over at 4.
5. Her flipping out during our carriage ride to the Acropolis.
6. Her and BFF waking me up.
7. Vampire Movies on Saturday Mornings
8. Weird pasta creations
9. Disney World in 2001- her paralyzing me in my sleep- or was it the other way around? "I'm PARALYZED!"
10. Her 8th grade trip to Pennsylvania, where LML frightened a guy that bothered her.
11. Niagara Falls- fudge factory and Haunted House.
12. Her stealing lavender from a farm in Long Island.
13. Her falling in love with my puppy.
14. Always cooking up something, albeit trouble :)
15. Her high school prom
16. her sweet 16
17. her high school graduation
18. the fact that she had the guts to enroll in culinary school after leaving community college <3
19. she's never boring, with THAT personality!
20. Running through all Disney World Parks together in 2004.

And many more to come. I love you, man! Thank you for being the maid of honor at our wedding, too :)

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  1. That's a lovely post. She is lucky to have you as an auntie :) Happy Birthday to her!


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