Weekend Menu

While my sweetie was home passed out like this this weekend...seriously, this is how he sleeps!
We took out BFF to a celebratory THANK GOD YOU FINALLY FINISHED SCHOOL meal...this is what we ate at Benihana's

a tea for me because I am STILL getting over what I'd like to think is the flu!

rice heart! thumpity, thump...

LML and BFFs meal (2 peas in a pod they are...) Filet Mignon!

Onion Volcano...so exciting when it's just an onion!

View of the window- it was the first snow *you can't tell though...*

After the blizzard began, we decided to be really crazy and head out to Astoria to shop. Maybe it was a mistake, because it was coming down hard, and our usually parking spot turned out to be a HIKE on the way to it when snow is kicking the crap out of you. Thankfully, we didn't go home much sicker/under the weather than we were when the day had started out!

The next day, we were supposed to go to the outlets in Riverhead, and got sidetracked by the Blizzard. LML woke me up (after shoveling the walk and thawing out our truck...I'm the luckiest girl in the world!) and said we should brave the storm. Eventually waking up from my long winter's nap...we got into the car, got our coffee and 'holiday' muffin (we only get muffins on extra-special occassions), and trekked all the way over to BFFs house to laugh at her stubborness. She wanted to stay home.

Until she found out we had four wheel drive. Then, she decided to come out with us. This is what we ate...and where we ate at!

My tea...because I'm scared to be sick ever again!

Yummy things that look like this!

That's all for the weekend menu...check out my blizzard post soon!!

Much Love and Stay Warm!


  1. mmmm - the meals look delicious!
    And your sleeping baby - so adorable! Patsy likes to sleep like that too!!

  2. Yum! That meal looks so heavenly!


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