Toys, toys, toys

When you were little, didn't you just feel Christmas? Couldn't you feel it coming from November? Didn't you start being really good when school started just so you wouldn't get put on Santa's naughty list?

Where have those days gone? It doesn't feel like Christmas anymore. They play all the movies, it's desperately cold outside...Christmas songs and decorations and lights are everywhere...but where are the feelings? I just don't understand...

Yesterday, while we were watching the Santa Clause, with the pup, I remembered that my old room (my very first room ever which would have been my Mother's walk in closet that she converted for me) had a toyshelf. I used to clean it, and line up all my toys, dolls and stuffed bears just so. For some reason I remembered that behind the toys all the way to the right I used to hide something. And for the life of me I can't remember what it was. :)

That sucks. I wish I could remember.

Have a good Saturday, bloggers <3

Love, MG


  1. Beautiful picture of your baby :-)

  2. I agree about the feeling of the holidays not being there. There is such a cheapened feeling really. Christmas stuff starts coming out right after Halloween now! Like we're being pushed into the new year without a proper holiday season. It's a shame...

    Nice picture of Wheatly Plaza~! I was there this morning getting a soy-chai-latte! :)


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