I've met with one of my favorite bloggers today, and she informed me of this...
Life is an opportunity. When they show up in front of you- take them.

What's funny is- aside that she's always right- that it's not the first time I've heard that this week. I have heard it on TV. It's appeared in magazines, or when a book has fallen out of my hands onto the floor...the word has almost an ominous prescence.


Which one am I looking out for? Is there an opportunity that has presented itself to me that I am not aware of yet? Is there an opportunity that's jumping up and down in front of me, begging to be seen but I can't see it?

I have no idea. There are the insane amount of things that I do want to do- that I don't get around to doing or completing as often as I should. Sometimes, I don't even want a spa day, even though I want to relax so badly. Thank Goodness for good friends that try to point you in a direction. My four best friends alone, for the past week, have been telling me to go after photography. Publish your books. Do it.

I'm trying, people. I'm trying. Any helpful hints in the meantime?


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    I say take it one step at a time, and focus on what is closest to happening. Do this the way you would eat an elephant...ONE bite at a time.



heart to hearts...