Crash By Daughtry

Seriously, the above link is to the best song and video ever. I may be the only one who is obsessed with the (now old?) series of Roswell, but sigh.

This is something that you cannot compare The Vampire Diaries and Twilight to. Sorry, but so true :) If anyone out there is my age or has read the books The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, you'll see that the TV show completely twisted everything around. It really makes my blood bubble.
Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Liz and Max

Liz is a supersmart chickie, who works at her family's diner with her very best friend, Maria. Please note that the relationship between Maria and Liz is one of actual best friends, and not the crap that we have seen since in shows like the new 90210 (which also makes my blood bubble) and Gossip Girl (which I only watch for the clothes, because once again, my favorite books were butchered).
Liz gets shot while working the diner, and Max, who is an alien from another planet (obviously) saves her life. How? His power is to heal. Anyway, while doing so, they get flashes of each others life, which they deem a soulmate thing. She eventually breaks up with her boyfriend, Kyle (who soon gets wrapped up into the whole alien thing) to be with Max.

Now, Maria freaks out once Liz finds out about the aliens. She is all about common sense and New Age stuff, but just can't deal with it. Well, would you be able to? Anyway, Maria eventually starts to have a thing for Michael, who is Max's friend [alien friend]. Michael had a horrible upbringing because while Max and his sister, Isabel, found their soon to be adoptive parents, he ran away. He was bounced around in foster homes before he landed at an abusive one. His power has to do with anger, so he can melt stuff (sorry, that's all I remember). The only family he ever had was Isabel and Max. He, too, falls in love with Maria but has a hard time showing it because of his upbringing.

Isabel, Max's sister, has the power to dream-walk (so cool!) and FINALLY falls for Alex, who is Maria and Liz's best friend. Of course, this happens before Tess (an alien introduced later on who is 'destined' to be with Max. Blah.) mind warps him so much that she kills him accidentally. Everyone is devastated, and Isabel either hallucinates seeing him quite often in her waking life until she gets married to Jesse, an unsuspecting lawyer now working at her Dad's firm.

Well, I caught you up. Now find the show and watch it! You won't be dissappointed. And please don't think I have any ties or connections to the show or cast. I desperately would love that, and I believe that miracles do happen! Sigh.

Love, MG


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