Dear Bloggers:

Hi! How have your holidays been? I hope everything is going swimmingly and you're all excited about 2010...because I can't wait. Today is my 5 year city hall wedding anniversary, and I'm quite excited. Finally, after 5 years of working at it, we are exactly (almost) where we want to be and thought we would be when we first got married. Then you get your mess of things going on: contractors who don't do their job, the angel contractor who comes to the rescue, jobs, unemployment, a tenant who stops paying you for a year, lives for free and then tries to kill you when they leave...

You know, stuff like that. I can honestly go on forever. We have experienced maybe a little too much in the last 5 years that we KNOW other people don't have to go through in their life. "And that has made all the difference"

I'm sure these are all stories I will divulge as time goes by blogging. I have missed blogging, even though it was a not so bad hiatus. Christmas week is always crazy busy for us-LML works, I clean, I cook (still and because I love the cooking), family, events, parties, wine, desserts...my Grandmother's Birthday. It was the first year she couldn't spend it with us at home, so we all trekked to the rehab center she is in. There was 12 of us there...so minus two. She remembers who must of us are, which baffles me about Alzheimer's. She yelled at my sister (again, haha), cooed when she saw LML, ate cake and listened to stories. My niece made the cakes, and my BFF was snapping pictures until we left. I literally feel as if I don't have to snap many photos when I am with her because then there would just be duplicates galore. Here is one that I took(or LML took) that day (forgive the way I look...no makeup!)

So this is minus one grandkid and two great grandkids...

I don't want to boggle you with so many of my words, I know you have so much to do! I'll leave you with this....

"Drink, to all that we have lost...mistakes we have made. Everything will change, but love remains the same"
-Gavin R., baby!



  1. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  2. Sending all of you wishes for a healthy New Year.

  3. I love yiayia, and I am glad she was surroundded by her amazing family!

    Happy New Year!

    Love& Light,


  4. Happy anniversary, and happy new year!


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