Charlie Brown's Christmas Theory

I am so under the weather, so sick...that LML informs me yesterday that Christmas is a mere 10 days away. Update to another post- I feel very little Christmasy, and my friends helped me get to the very little point. Snow won't cut it either.
10 days away? I was off my ass when I was younger that Christmas was coming. Now (and probably thanks very much to Charlie Brown) I see how commercial it all is and how everyone forgets the true meaning of Christmas.

(photo courtesy of teenvogue.com)
Please note that LML and I are avid Peanuts fans. I will most likely drive you crazy with my Charlie Brown-isms as I have my entire family my entire life. If LML wasn't such a fan with me, I'm not sure I would have married him :)

Kidding. I would have. I would have made him a Charlie Brown fan.

Regardless :) The point is that Christ was born...on Christmas Day. The point is that it's a holiday celebrated for thousands of years regardless of what you believe in. All Holidays during this time of year mean something.

And the world ruined it with commercialism. Bah.

"I'm not going to let THIS commercial dog ruin MY Christmas!"

Eh. He could never ruin anything :) Except a basket, shoes and some books!



  1. You have such a creative and adorable blog! Thank you for the comment! btw... Christmas isnt Christmas without Charlie Brown! :)xoxo Jolie

  2. Nice pic of your sweet adorable baby. Get well soon :-)


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