Olivia Newton-John

So I read every magazine known to man...pretty much! At least, I try to... I must, must enter here the blurb about Olivia Newton-John and husband John Easterling. (AARP, September and October 2009 issue, written by Frank Yuvancic):

Seventeen years after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, Olivia credits much of her recovery to healthy living and a love of nature. "Nature is my church," says the four-time Grammy winner, "and I need to get out in it every day." That need has been met in a big way ot that Newton-John (62) has married John Eastering (59) founder of the Amazon Herb Company. The two travel regularly to the Peruvian rain forest, where, while harvesting ingrediens for a line of natural health products, they are helping build 17 schools for indigenous youth.

That just goes to show that when people are awesome, there's no stoppin' 'em!

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