V. Tired

Ah, quite, restful Monday. It wasn't that bad for me: I got quite a bit of good news between midnight and 10 am this morning! More will be revealed soon about those...
I also got a photographer stint for next week of one of my favorite people, so I'm all excited about how that will go and I hope she likes my work.
Actually, there was A LOT of good news this past weekend: LML and I might have to fly off to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala before the New Year gets here...we're headed back to Montreal in January, Vegas in July for my first time and LML's second, & possibly Greece and a romantic vacation somewhere between now and August 2010. I hope things turn out well with that...
Some friends and I hit up a flea market this weekend, as we do every year, but this year they delayed (or didn't do) the 'fill up a box for $5' thing. Damned economy. I had my eye on such cute pieces to sell in my new shop...which will be opening soon!! But not via etsy, because I have too much variety going on in my life/head that I'll have no idea how else to display that in a store. [Much like my blog, right?]
I am pushing at my Mom to go back to knitting so she could help out with the shop. She would have at least 10 requests a year from friends alone to make a winter accessory set. She also hasn't made a quilt since I've gotten married! I love my quilt, and am afraid to display it, for fear that my pup will eat that, too. He likes to nibble on fancy duvets and comforters. Hammy one, he is. I can't tell you how many times I would wake in the morning to find string sticking out the side of his mouth! Sigh...
Friday was our wedding anniversary and we were so tired- that we didn't bother to tell anyone that we ordered in and slept. People I associate with apparently think we go out a lot..we don't. It was shocking that we ordered, since I usually cook!

Saturday morning, there's a-knocking on our bedroom window at one in the morning. No joke. 1. LML says, see who it is, you look like Medusa. I'll be right behind you. (this is what he does even when there's noises in our house- dare anyone or ANYTHING cross my path)
It was our next door neighbor complaining that there was a party in our yard with lots of noise. Really? LML heads outside and I go to the back window to see our tenant hanging out in our backyard, with 5 friends playing cards- music and beer there, too. FLIPPING OUT from the neighbors, who went to go wake the people who live across the street from me to ask if they can believe it.
I'm still wondering what noise?!
Next night- well, that one's a hush hush, top secret mission. We got home at 1 am, didn't sleep til about 230, and were up at 630 am :l
We're going to sleep good tonight :)

Stay warm & eat cookies! MG

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