Days. Time. Puppy.

This is a map out of what my days usually look like...well, what yesterday looked like anyway...

Get up. Get dressed. Hug puppy. Drop LML off. Come home. Make coffee.
Give puppy a hug. Blog. Facebook. Write. Lists. Feed puppy. Play with puppy.

 Get in car. Drive to bank. Get caramel light frap from Starbucks. Go to bank again. Go to craft store. Forget what I need. Buy other things from craft store. Leave craftstore and remember what I need.

Get stuck in traffic. Go to parents house. Have lunch with parents. Write in journal. Play with nephews. Gas station. Supermarket. Manicure. Pedicure. Eyebrow Wax. Massage. Gift certificate! Free!

Supermarket. Run into Ex Best Friend. Hug her like I saw her yesterday and flounce away after small convo toward the sushi section. Come home. Eat sushi.

Watch Ghost Whisperer with wine. Wait for LML. Talk with LML while hugging puppy until falling asleep.

More soon! Lots of interesting appointments today...will post later <3

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